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About Smart Meters

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Welcome to the future - The next generation of electricity meters are here

Digital meters, otherwise known as smart meters, are the next generation of electricity meters. Unlike the previous generation of meters they communicate between your home and your energy supplier using a wireless network.


With digital meters, customers no longer have to worry about manual meter reads or estimated charges. Plus, they will have access to a range of online tools that give them up to date usage information so they can better manage their electricity usage and avoid surprises on their bills.

  • Track your daily electricity usage through My.ActewAGL.

  • Make informed choices about how and when you use electricity.

How they work - Your usage is measured every 30 minutes.

Digital electricity meters measure home electricity usage every 30 minutes and sends this data automatically to your retailer everyday via a secure wireless network.


Digital meter data is secure and confidential. No personal details are attached to the transmission of meter data. The meter number and identifier are only matched to your personal information when it reaches the central data server which is encrypted and secure.

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Are they safe? - Digital meters are perfectly safe to use.​

All digital meters meet the wireless electro-magnetic exposure limits set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).


Digital meters have lower emissions than many other electrical devices commonly found in households, such as mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi modems, microwaves, televisions and baby monitors.


All digital meters being installed meet current Australian Standards including those related to safety.

Upgrades usually take up to 2 hours to complete, with the power off for no more than 30 minutes.

You do not need to be home as long as there is clear access to the meter box.


If your energy supplier has offered to upgrade your electricity meter and your home is suitable you won’t have to pay for the meter or any installation costs. In some cases, a home is not suitable for an upgrade. In these cases we won’t perform the upgrade and you won’t incur any costs.


In some cases, a small antenna may need to installed to assist with transmitting your usage data were cellular signals are weak. This will ensure you have accurate readings and that they are received by your supplier so you can enjoy the benefits of digital meters.


Preparing for the Upgrade

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Do you need to be home during the upgrade

No, as long as we have access to your current meter, you do not need to be home. Please ensure the area around your meter box is clean and tidy with no obstructions – the technician has to be able to work in a safe, clean environment. If they can’t get to your meter box we may need to postpone the upgrade. 


Please keep any dogs or other animals in a separate room away from the technician during the installation

Let us know here if you are aware of any access issues when completing the metering information sheet so we can arrange access before the visit.

Will my power be out during the upgrade

During the installation, power will generally be unavailable for no more than 30 minutes, however the total installation time may take up to two hours. We will do our very best to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

The technician will perform a range of checks to ensure it is safe to complete the upgrade. If not, we will inform you of the issue and next steps you need to take. 


Please take any advance precautions necessary before the power is switched off. Switch off and unplug any sensitive electrical equipment, like your TV, satellite system or alarms.

Please check to ensure  all appliances are switched on again as soon as possible after after the upgrade and working properly. Some older appliances may be difficult to get going again, so please make sure you know how to get them started.

Let us know in advance if there are any issues with the power being disconnected during the upgrade before we arrive to complete the work when completing the metering information sheet.

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