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Installer Led

Construction Managers

What is Installer Led

Installers (electrical works, solar, EV, battery among others) are directly engaged by customers when building or renovating their homes to supply and install the equipment.

Almost always, a meter is required as part of the new build or renovation and the installer typically completes a new connection or addition and alternation request with the customer and lodges this directly with their retailer for a new meter. The installer can request a specific metering provider when they do.

The Installer Led business seeks to engage with various installers to make the metering experience quick and easy for them and their end customers so that they choose us.

Our Business Model

We source, register and train installers across the country to provide bespoke services to other installers as needed or to self serve for their own customers when it comes to the metering exchange. To do this we have established customised training, onboarding and auditing to ensure they are safe and compliant.

When ready they lodge the n
ew connection or addition and alternation request via our team to check. When good to go, we process them via the incumbent retailer ensuring they get the service order and required stock to do the job if they are doing it themselves, or schedule another installer to do the job when they need it. The Installer installs the meter and closes out the job in OFSC as per BAU process. 

We often pay less for the install than the usual FSP model and have almost no UTC events. We are also able to deliver customised experiences and save customers and installers time, money and hassle.

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Our Strategy

Our first milestone was to establish capability and base for expansion into other markets/installer types.

We started with small builders in the new connections market in NSW where the site electrician installs the meter and decides the MP for the service order. Total market is about 12,000 meters per annum.

Our goal was to grow our share from 2% to 40% or ~100 orders per week run rate by the end of 2022.

To do this we re-engineered the entire end to end process and experience so it was incredibly quick and easy for installers to deal with us, grew retailers on the panel from 1 to 5 and onboarded and engaged 100 electrical contractors to give us the work.

We have hit our goal and are now starting to think about how we scale this business to other markets and installer types.

Check out or ASP NSW New Connections site

How we plan to grow - 100K per annum not impossible

3 pillars identified

  • Grow share in the large builder market though partnerships and alliances - We are partnering with a leading national building supplier and solar installer in the large builder new connections market who will help turbo charge our growth. They supply pre installed meter panels to builders and we will do the safety checks and close outs using our installer panel as soon as ready. 5 - 10K potential per annum currently with other MPs.

  • Win share of unrealized solar installations via solar installers - We are partnering with solar installers who will use us to arrange service orders and our installers to install a solar ready meter before the solar system, so that customers realise the benefits of solar the day the system is turned on. 50 - 75K potential per annum currently with other MPs.

  • Develop market in strata for smart metering and support push to renewables - There are several large strata communities who want to upgrade the metering and panels to enable renewables on site. We are partnering with a leading strata company that manages 4,000 properties (80K meters) that want us to upgrade all the metering panels, coordinate meter upgrades to smart meters and support the installation of solar, battery and EV capability. 10 - 20K potential per annum currently with no one.

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Key Imperatives

Keep looking after the core business in NSW new connections and harvest electrical contractors for larger share of wallet.

Onboard more retailers onto the panel so we cover larger share of market using same process for n
ew connection or addition and alternation requests.

Onboard more electrical contractors where needed to service the new segments we will be targeting and growing in to ensure partnership and high touch servicing requirements.

Scale team and systems and processes to ensure we have capacity to grow, and work with the business as we grow to test and learn and iterate ensuring processes are documented and do not cause downstream impacts on MPB and MDP.

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