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Nobody offers a better customer experience or more value than we do across the embedded metering journey


We have worked closely with embedded customers and listened. Harnessing this insight we have built a custom offering, developed end to end system and process capability to enable it and have an experienced team in place to deliver it reliably and consistently.

Why us?

We will deliver your core metering needs reliably and consistently at every stage of the journey and help usher you to the future with innovative products and services. This is underpinned by our 5 core promises.

  • We offer competitive & transparent upfront pricing with flexible ways to pay.


  • We have a dedicated team to look after all your needs.

  • We offer robust pre site evaluations and closely manage every project.

  • We make it incredibly quick and easy to get a quote and place an order.


  • We provide real time access to every step of the workflow and regular alerts along the way.

  • You can view and download site records at the push of a button 24/7.

  • We try deliver when you need us to and will flex to meet your needs.

  • We always deliver safely, compliantly and on time & will quickly alert you if any issues arise.

  • Site records are submitted quickly and checked meticulously for accuracy & completeness.

  • We return quickly to commission sites when energised and validate CTs to ensure accuracy.


  • Our billing data is delivered in the format agreed and via a mechanism that suits you.

  • We proactively monitor meter performance and quickly investigate and resolve any issues.

  • We work hard to quickly resolve any issues that arise making things as easy as possible for you.

  • We have products & services beyond the basics that create value for you and your customers.

  • We engage regularly, review performance and seek feedback to enhance the experience.

We provide complete certainty and control

We save you time and hassle

We are highly reliable and dependable

We make billing a breeze

We create value beyond the basics

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