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We create value beyond the basics

Check out our hot water solution

An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.

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We work hard to quickly resolve any issues that arise ensuring that we make things as easy as possible for you.

If you have any issues:

  • Log them using the issue form on your portal. Our whole team gets alerted.


  • We will react quickly, assign an owner, timing and action and resolve it as soon as possible.


  • You can track progress on the issue via your customer portal. This is preferred over email as we use a collaborative shared platform to manage issues as a team which ensure information symmetry and visibility and transparency for you.

We have a range of products and services beyond the basics that will create value for you and your customers.

We have an accurate, highly economical and reliable interval hot water data solution  that connects multiple pulsing output devices.

We offer ENM services for managing off to on market transactions for a simple one of low fee per transaction.

We have monitoring available for both electric and hot water via our energy management portal.

We offer CT services and can supply CTs and take care of the panel fit out as required.


We can also arrange a suitably qualified tech to quote and undertake any additional REC works on site if required.

We also offer manual and remote services including planned monthly reads and Re En De En services.

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In a Meeting

We will engage regularly, review performance, take feedback on board and strive to continuously enhance the experience.

We will host regular catch ups and work in progress meetings to review performance and plan future work and activity with you.


We provide regular dashboards and reporting to ensure we remain on target.


We will constantly seek feedback and act on it to maintain and enhance the customer experience

We are proactive and determined. We focus on delivering a great experience for you and your customers to ensure you win.

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