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We provide complete certainty and control

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An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.

Online Shopping

We offer competitive and transparent upfront pricing with flexible ways to pay and all the products and services you need.

We will establish an upfront master services agreement to cover all work required including terms & conditions, SLAs and a fixed rate card for all products and services including flexible ways to pay.


  1. Buy all capital equipment upfront (meter and communication equipment) and pay a fixed monthly rate for data services over an agreed term.

  2. Buy all capital equipment upfront (meter only) and rent communications equipment and data services over an agreed term.

  3. Rent metering equipment including communications equipment and data services via a fixed annual bundle fee over an agreed term. Includes all MP/MC/MDP services akin to an on market meter.

We offer electricity and hot water metering for greenfield and brownfield projects and have a range of other products and services available beyond the meter alone to cover all your needs. Check out our products and services available here.

We have a dedicated team to look after all your needs.

Our embedded team have deep energy experience as well as valuable innovation, process and customer experience gained from working in other industries.

We have clear operational roles, swim lanes, KPIs and service levels defined and work together to deliver an outstanding experience and value across the embedded journey.

We ensure any issues are quickly addressed and solved first time right. We have a strong customer focus and can do attitude. 

Click here to meet the team and learn more about them.

Team Talk
Industrial Engineer

We offer robust pre site evaluations and closely manage every project. 

This enables us to familiarise ourselves with the site, build rapport with key site contacts and the REC and understand their specific needs. We will confirm induction requirements, ensure access on the day and check for any hazards.
We will confirm quantity and location of panels and ensure they are up to code and compliant. We will identify any issues and rectifications required. We can recommend suitably qualified RECS for any required works and to scope and quote on any sites that need conversion.
We check panel labelling and signal strength. We will confirm metering requirements and capture existing meter details & photos. We will assess after hours, simultaneous tenancy change over and sensitive site requirements and include these in the plan. We can advise on notifications for outages and life support requirements.
We have representatives on the ground in each state to attend face to face meetings as required and a dedicated leading hand on site throughout the exchange to supervise the technicians on the ground.

Click here to see the what is covered in these pre site evaluations and to learn more about our approach to project management.

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