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We make billing a breeze

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An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.

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We proactively monitor meter performance and quickly investigate and resolve any issues in time for billing.

Our meters perform consistently and reliably but when things do go wrong with them on the rare occasion, we will act quickly to address this.

Meter status and performance is monitored and reported on proactively and regularly.  Any meter performance issues or gaps identified are investigated quickly. 

We will undertake regular engagement with you to share reporting, identify issues, assign owners, actions, timing and outcomes so you are across everything.

We have a dedicated data team to proactively monitor and manage data quality.

We return quickly to commission sites when energised so data can flow and validate CTs to ensure ratios are accurate.

We will agree a clear process for the management commissioning once a site is energised. We get that this will vary as every customer has specific requirements and expectations in this regard. We will work to tailor a solution that best suits your needs.


When CT meters have adequate and constant load, we will return to validate and confirm ratio and K Factors. When validated, we will check billing data to make sure it aligns to the validation test sheets. Our billing data has multiplier applied when supplied to you.

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Our billing data is delivered in the format agreed and via a mechanism that suits you.

We get that accurate and complete data delivered on time is critical to run your business and work hard and smart to ensure this happens. 


We supply standard NEM 12 with any modifications to be considered and costed beyond market standard and delivered via acceptable mechanism daily.

We will agree clear SLAS and KPIs which are monitored daily to ensure adherence. These relate to quality and quantity of data supplied.

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