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Nobody offers a better customer experience or more value than we do across the embedded metering journey

Our Products and Services


We supply and install new or replacement electricity and water meters

  • Single Phase, Three Phase and CT Metering 

  • Hot water metering

  • All states

Work Desk

We supply and install communication equipment to enable remote access

  • Modems for electric meters

  • Mini hubs for electric meters

  • Remote reading solutions for hot water


We can reprogram existing meters and update communication equipment

  • Reprogramming of existing EDMI Meters

  • Installation of mini hubs and modems

  • Remote reading and data services

Online Shopping

We provide fast and accurate data for billing

  • Standard NEM 12 format

  • Remotely read daily

  • Subs and estimates if any missing data for agreed period

Out Shopping

We provide a range of other products and services to meet your metering needs

  • Supply and delivery of CTs and test blocks

  • CT Panel fits outs

  • One off meter relocations, removals, reading and investigations

  • Scheduled meter reads

  • ENM Transactions

  • REC Works

  • A range of other innovative products and services in the pipeline

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