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Our Products and Services

Check out our hot water solution

An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.


We supply and install new or replacement electricity and hot water meters

  • Greenfield and Brownfield Projects.

  • Single Phase, Three Phase and CT Metering - EDMI and L&G Meters.

  • Hot water metering available - end to end wired or wireless solutions.

  • We service NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, WA, SA.

Work Desk

We supply and install communication equipment to enable remote access

  • Modems & Mini Hubs for electric meters.

  • Wired or wireless remote reading solutions for hot water.

  • Energy management portal available for hot water and electricity.

  • MODBUS solutions if required.

Online Shopping

We provide fast and accurate data for billing

  • Standard NEM 12 format.

  • Remotely read daily in 5 or 15 minute intervals.

  • Multiple recipients if required and delivery mechanisms available.

  • Subs and estimates if any missing data for agreed period using market rules.

Out Shopping

We provide a range of other products and services to meet your metering needs

  • Supply and delivery of CT Equipment and CT Panel fits outs.

  • Scheduled meter reads and Re En De EN Services - Manual and Remote.

  • ENM Transactions as we are a registered ENM.

  • REC Works - we can arrange a qualified tech to attend and quote for any works.

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