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Hot Water

Check out our exciting new hot water solution

An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.

Package Delivery

We supply and deliver hot water meters wherever and whenever you need them for the site plumber to install.
Simply order the meters online and tell us where and when you need them and we'll take care of the rest.

  • We have 15MM Elster Meters or 15MM B Meters in stock. 20MM or other varieties available upon request. 


  • Our price includes supply and delivery anywhere in Australia. Volume discounts may apply.

  • B Meters are watermarked and approved by National Measurement Institute and cost the same as the Elster. See National Measurement Institute Certificate of Approval for B Meters here.

Architect Checking Plans

We will visit the site and prepare a detailed scope of works providing technical and pricing  options for you to decide.
Simply request a water meter communications design and quote and we will get it done quickly.

  • Tell us about the site, if you prefer wired or wireless or do not care, upload schematics, SLDs or photos  available and give us the name of the site contacts.

  • We will visit the site, prepare a detailed scope of works, usually in less than a week. 

  • Once you are comfortable, select the option that best suits your needs and budget and we will get it sorted.

  • Best of all, this design and scope is absolutely free of charge.

Dish Antenna

We have affordable and reliable wired or wireless communication solutions available to cater for all your data & monitoring needs.
Our wired and wireless communication solutions have been extensively tested and proven on sites worldwide. Best of all, does not matter if wired or wireless, the price for both is identical.

How our wired solution works (perfect for greenfield sites)

  • Fixed price per wired installation available. If centrally located, we do this in the central point and avoid the wiring from the tenancy which lowers the cost.

  • The pulse adaptors are powered through the daisy chain connections to the data concentrator. Stores up-to 8 months of historical data and has battery back up for pulse collection during power outages.

How our wireless solution works (perfect for brownfield sites)

  • It has a 15-year battery life and stores up-to 24 months of historical data.

  • Connects wirelessly to data concentrator (up to 90 meters per concentrator).

Digital Reading

We provide daily interval data, free access to our data portal and monitor your fleet proactively to address any issues that arise quickly.
The pulse adaptors are connected to data concentrators on site that captures cumulative data from the meters and sends this to our head end for creation and sharing of the daily data file and upload of the portal.

  • For wired solutions, we daisy chain all the pulse adaptors together and connect them to a data concentrator powered by a GPO with up to 240 hot water meters per data concentrator, For wireless solutions, we can connect up to 90 hot water meters per concentrator.  See data concentrator technical specifications here.


  • The wired pulse adaptors have a battery back up in case of power outage to continue to collect pulses from meters, so we won’t lose consumption, noting we are alerted as soon as this happens, and we will automatically send our technician to resolve.


  • Our data is available in any interval you desire although we recommend 15 minute interval data as a standard to maximise battery life for wireless solutions to 15+ years. For wired solutions we can go to 5 minute if required.


  • Our data portal lets you view and download data for billing or we can push NEM12 data format if preferred. It also allows you to view and analyse your portfolio and has alerts and alarms to enable events and outages so we can respond proactively as part of our ongoing maintenance service to ensure you have quality data for billing when you need it.

Statistic calculating

We have priced this solution competitively to make it high affordable and simple for you.
One price for meter supplied and delivered, wired or wireless communication solution installed, data service, portal access and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

  • A single price per annum for everything you need from end to end. Meters supplied, communications installed, data, portal access, monitoring and maintenance, the lot. Volume discounts may apply.


  • We also can provide a price per meter supplied as an upfront capital cost if preferred  with a separate single price for communications installed, data, portal access, monitoring and maintenance.


  • If required, we can work out an upfront capital cost for communications installed, data, portal access, monitoring and maintenance.


  • Contact us here and we will get in touch to work out a deal that works for you or call Steve on 0416813355 for more information.

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