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We are reliable and dependable

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An end to end solution for every situation that is simple, affordable and reliable.

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We deliver when you need us to and will flex to meet your needs.

Our techs arrive on time as scheduled, confirm arrival and stick to the specific script of work to be done. Any change to plan is first confirmed and approved by you.

We require at least 10 working days notice to schedule technicians for an order or installation instruction. This may vary based on site location and complexity, but generally we will always try deliver when you need us to and will flex to meet your needs.


Our techs will check in when on site and confirm the all clear to proceed. An alert will be sent to the supervisor and customer to confirm arrival and the all clear.

Our technicians always deliver safely, compliantly and on time with the minimum of hassle and fuss. We will immediately alert you of any issues on site and provide a clear plan to address them.

Safety & compliance is at the forefront of everything we do.


We select and onboard qualified and experienced technicians and train them extensively. We conduct regular work practices and post installation audits to ensure work is being done safely and compliantly.


Our techs complete a safety assessment at start of every job. If at any stage, work cannot be completed as per plan for any reason before we attend site or once on site, we will immediately advise you, work out a plan to resolve the issue and reschedule if required.

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Site completion records are submitted quickly after the work is done and we check them meticulously to ensure they are accurate & complete.

Through automated validation and physical scanning, we ensure records are completed accurately and in full first time round as far as possible.

We will manage any issues through follow up with techs and coach for future behaviour to ensure compliance where gaps are identified.

We will ensure photos of new and removed meters are attached and clear, CT ratios and K Factors are recorded and any meter or panel labels are affixed and aligned to site records. We will check to confirm the meter serial and meter type are correct and the metering is neatly hung and sealed correctly.

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