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Pre Site Evaluations/Project Management 

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New Installs

Perfect when you need to know exactly what to order and want to ensure the site is compliant for metering. These are completed quickly when the site is ready to be assessed and the results are shared real time via our digital assessment tool.

Typically they enable us to:


  • Familiarise ourselves with site in readiness for install

  • Build rapport with building manager and REC on site and understand their specific needs and preferences

  • Assess access and address any issues such as fobs and access cards

  • Check signal strength

  • Identify and confirm quantity and location of panels including photos of all panels

  • Check panel labelling

  • Identify all metering points and confirm quantity required by type, location and panel

  • Ensure site and panels up to code including capture of details for any safety risks or issues

  • Identify and detail any rectifications required

Replacement Sites

We also offer pre site evaluations for replacement sites that ensure robust upfront planning and smooth delivery.

In addition to many of the aspects covered for a new install site, these enable us to:

  • Check meter serial numbers of existing meters.

  • Record meter type, model, communication status and location of existing meters.

  • Photograph existing meters.

  • Assess panel and wiring and identify any additional works required for metering to occur.

We are also able to recommend suitably qualified and experienced registered electrical contractors to provide quotations for any required and/or recommended works and scope and quote on any sites that need conversion to enable embedded metering if required.

Industrial Engineer
Construction Managers

Brownfield Project Management

We will undertake robust pre start evaluations to scope the site and ensure it is safe & compliant for metering. We will provide a summary of any additional works required.

  • Members of our dedicated embedded team will attend site with an experienced technician to undertake a detailed and robust pre site evaluation of every tenancy and panel. 


  • These are completed quickly and using digital tools enabling us to share all the data in real time in our cloud based database as it is captured. 


  • We will liaise with REC on additional works required that can be done prior to the change over or on the day as required. 


  • The detailed pre site evaluation is key to understanding the specific requirements on a site and to enable robust project management.

We will engage all stakeholders to ensure detailed preparation and planning is completed ensuring the project is delivered smoothly with the minimum of hassle and fuss.

  • Our delivery manager, scheduler and technical advisers will work with the client, site manager and REC to plan out the project in detail ensuring every aspect is considered and covered with military precision.


  • We have local presence from our team to attend these face to face as required.


  • This includes everything from induction requirements, access arrangements, after hours planning, scheduling techs, supporting and advising on outage notifications, life support management, planning for any load sensitive sites and even catering to simultaneous tenancy change overs if needed.

Electrician engineer checking electricity system in the box room energy building .jpg

We will upgrade the meters in a safe, reliable and compliant manner, commissioning them and test them to ensure comms is working. Any comms issue will be immediately addressed.

  • We will deliver when you need us to and will flex to meet your needs. We have a dedicated scheduler to ensure we line up the best techs as required to get the work done as requested.

  • Our techs will arrive on time as planned and complete work as scheduled.  If anything crops up along the way, you will be the first to know as we communicate quickly and effectively.


  • A member of the embedded team and leading hand will be on site throughout to supervise the technicians on the ground ensure everything runs smoothly.


  • We select and onboard qualified and experienced technicians and have a large pool to select from. We train them extensively and conduct regular audits to ensure work is safely and compliant.

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